Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maybe He Hates Bugs Bunny

Just a couple of weeks after Al Gore fan James Lee held hostages at the Discovery Channel building we've got another crackpot who tried to tried to crash the gates at Warner Brothers in Burbank.

So far his motive is unknown but whatever it is I'm sure it all makes perfect sense to him.
Police were still trying to figure out the motives of a man who drove his car through the security gates at Warner Brothers studio Friday afternoon with a trunk full of liquid explosives.

The driver, 43-year-old Michael Rodriguez-Cintron, burst through Gate 5 at around 3:30 p.m. and then proceeded to drive in circles around the lot. Studio security pulled him over for trespassing, but when they searched his trunk they found a duffel bag with liquid explosives in it and an replica firearm, which drew the attention of the bomb squad.

Police also found several ignition sources, all signs that detectives said could point to an act of terrorism.

Detectives said the man was very cooperative with studio security but they must take situations like these seriously where possible terrorism is involved. Authorities were still struggling to answer questions about what the man wanted to do on the studio lot.

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