Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Best and Brightest: '15 Best Things About Our Pubic Schools'

Obviously proofreading is a lost art in South Bend.
An embarrassing billboard spelling error on a sign meant to tout South Bend schools has been pulled.

The billboard is a digital one near the intersection of State Road 23 and Ironwood in South Bend. It went up on Thursday and was pulled Monday morning.

The billboard encouraged people to go to "southbendon.com" to check out the "15 best things about our PUBIC schools." Obviously it was supposed to say "public", but the "l" was left out.

Lee MacMillan said his wife first spotted it on Saturday.

“She got home and said 'I can't believe it said what I think it said,' so we were out driving around yesterday and sure enough, it had that typo in it, so we took a pic and the rest is history as they say," said Lee MacMillan.

The president of a company called "the Blue Waters Group" told WSBT-TV the mistake was not made by the city or the schools. He said the ad was proofed by 4 people and the typo got by all of them.

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