Wednesday, February 28, 2007

AP: Cop Killer = Freedom Fighter

If you had any doubt the Associated Press is replete with doctrinaire leftwingers, look no further than this New York Post editorial noting the word games played with a story this week about a freakazoid 1960's radical serving a 75-year jail stretch for her part in the murder of three law-enforcement officers in 1981.
To those who remember the infamous 1981 Brinks heist in Nyack, Judith Clark is a self-indulgent '60s radical serving a well-deserved 75-year prison term for her role in the violent deaths of three heroic law-enforcement officers.

But to the Associated Press, which supplies news to the world, Judith Clark is a "former freedom fighter."

That's right. A "freedom fighter."

Now, maybe "convicted cop-killer" is too graphic for the AP, even though it's wholly accurate.

But "freedom fighter"?

Who's writing for the AP these days - Michael Moore?
And so that description remained for several hours until it was changed to "a former black separatist"; that revised description, however, had one glaring problem. This scumbag Clark isn't black.
For one thing, though the leaders of the group belonged to the Black Liberation Army, Clark happens to be white.

The AP justified the change by noting that Clark had said the goal of the Brinks heist "was to finance a Republic of New Afrika consisting of former slave states."

(That's what they claimed, all right. But as Susan Braudy disclosed in her 2003 book about the case, "Family Circle," the real motive for the robbery was that BLA leader Doc Shakur needed money to pay his mortgage and buy cocaine.)
So that's two different descriptions, as the AP went out of their way to distort the English language and do anything they could to avoid calling this piece of human debris what she really is: a cop killer.

The saga continued.
Still later, AP changed the story again. This time, Clark was referred to as "a former radical activist" - closer to the mark, but still rather a grand description for an accomplice to murder.

Clark was in the news in the first place because she's trying to get a new trial based on some hoaked-up technicalities. That's unlikely, but you never can tell.

So take a moment to think kindly of Sgt. Edward O'Grady and Officer Waverly "Chipper" Brown of the Nyack police and Brinks guard Peter Paige - dead before their time at the hands of Judith Clark and her accomplices.
It's too bad she wasn't executed for her crimes; then the AP could focus their sympathies elsewhere, like on the Islamofascist terrorists they seem to be so fond of.

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