Friday, February 16, 2007

Gore Rules Out 2008 Run, Madonna Undecided

Hey, why bother? He's made himself into a cottage industry with his global warming nonsense. Keep playing the suckers and enjoy the wealth.
Former US vice president Al Gore has ruled out a bid for the White House in the 2008 elections and will carry on his fight against global climate change.

"I have no intention to run for president," Gore said in an interview conducted in Los Angeles and broadcast Thursday by the BBC.

"I can't imagine in any circumstance to run for office again," said the former Democratic vice president under then-president Bill Clinton.
This is one time I'd like to take him at his word.

Another gasbag I'd like to see less of is Madonna, someone who, despite vast wealth and privilege, seem to have a continuing identity crisis.
Madonna says she is not content to be the Queen of Pop - she wants to be like Gandhi.

The singer adds peace campaigners John Lennon and Martin Luther King to her roll call of individuals she emulates.

Madonna, 48, said: "For me the best thing in the world is to see something or hear something and go 'damn, I wish I did that, damn, I wish I could do that. That's inspiring'."
Why not just be content with having accomplished so much with so little talent? Why push it? As the saying goes, shut up and sing. Or better yet, just shut up.

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