Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Bananas" Jack

Zev Chafets shreds John Murtha.
Listening to Rep. John Murtha's arguments against the American troop surge in Iraq reminds me of a scene in "Bananas."

Facing an insurgency, the Latin American dictator in that Woody Allen classic reaches out for American aid. But he mistakenly calls in not the CIA, but the UJA - the United Jewish Appeal. Black-hatted rabbis, holding little charity boxes, are soon wandering through the chaotic battle zone.

Like the dictator, Murtha is confused about what does and doesn't work during a sectarian bloodbath.
Tony Blankley has One-Card Monte.
Mr. Murtha has come up with the novel idea to try the game of one card Monte on the public. It is a sign of the awkward times we are in that it is not yet obvious that the Democratic Party public will be able to pick out the one card (out of the one card that is available from which to chose).

To add to the madness, the new argument one sees emerging amongst the more enthusiastic war critics (easily recognizable in public by the tin foil they wear on their heads), is that anyway there is not much of a downside to leaving promptly from Iraq because President Bush's warning of dire consequences are just more Bush "lies."
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