Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pantsuit Talking Points

Everything is carefully scripted when it comes to Mrs. Clinton.
A "talking points" memo distributed to Hillary Rodham Clinton's supporters gives them the carefully crafted campaign line on how to deal with a host of nettlesome questions, including Bill Clinton being a drag on his wife and the former first lady's guarded personality.

The four-page memo, obtained by The Post, was circulated to the Democratic front-runner's backers in Iowa as she was getting ready to make her first campaign swing there right after throwing her hat in the ring.

Titled "Surrogate Q + A," it gives detailed answers that supporters should give to 15 questions, including, "Will President Clinton be a drag on the campaign?"

"Of course not," is the prescribed answer. "Americans give President Clinton very high ratings and he is one of the most respected and beloved leaders in the world." The response is followed by highlights of the ex-president's term in office.
What will script say when they're asked about getting whacked by Rudy?

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