Monday, February 26, 2007

Democrats Grasp for Iraq Plan

Why are they grasping for a plan? The plan is defeat. They just haven't quite figured out how to palatably sell it to the American people, who, much to their chagrin, prefer victory in Iraq. Now perhaps they're backing off a bit.
Internal party divisions, Republican opposition and a president who _ while weakened _ still appears to have the dominant voice on the war have all left Democrats flailing in search of a way to change the war's course.

The Democrats' symbolic measure disapproving of President Bush's troop buildup passed the House only to stall in the Senate. Their plan to place strict conditions on war funding appears to lack enough support within their own ranks to succeed. Another bid to narrow the 2002 resolution authorizing the war is unlikely to garner the 60 votes it would need to be approved in the Senate.

The first signs of impatience among Democrats' allies are sprouting.

"The public is saying, 'We hired you to get out of Iraq _ now figure it out,'" said Tom Matzzie, Washington director of the anti-war group "There is a risk that without action, frustration boils over into anger."

Democrats argue that their failed efforts to thwart Bush's war plans will ultimately pay off by ratcheting up pressure for a change.

"The administration is increasingly isolated and they are increasingly at odds with where the American people are," said Jim Manley, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. "We're going to keep on going at it until the administration changes course."

But Democrats also are worried about being at odds with public opinion as House and Senate leaders push divergent measures.
There lies the crux of their dilemma. They live and die by polls, and now they realize the public does not want to cut off funding for the effort in Iraq and declare defeat. But they've so empowered the fringe antiwar kooks, they're left trying to pander to them while also trying to keep a shred of foreign policy credibility heading into 2008. Good luck with that.

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