Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gore May Receive Honorary Doctorate

It's really getting silly now.
"He's in the news and is a legitimate expert on a pressing issue of global concern, climate change, so this level of interest is understandable," Wolter said. "However, no plans have been set and it's unlikely that would occur this spring."
I wasn't aware making things up and spreading hysteria made someone an expert. But let's play along.
Some students at the University are in support of the doctorate for Gore, including University DFL President Shannon Mitchell.

The bipartisan work he did after he ran for office, she said, including his documentary, is deserving of the award.

"He's a leader in an area we all need to be very concerned with," she said.

Ingrid Scantlebury, a first-year political science student, agrees with Gore's work but doesn't feel the University should award him a degree for it.

"It's mainly a publicity thing," she said.
Ah yes, a PR stunt. Thanks, Ingrid.
The University has given 223 honorary degrees to date. Past recipients include Yanni, Charles Schultz, Sandra Day O'Connor and Hillary Clinton.
Others noting this absurdity: Hot Air and Sister Toldjah, who suggests we check out NRO's new link Planet Gore. All the latest from the bloviating blowhard. Some funny stuff there.

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