Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Polling Idiocy

In this day and age of endless polling, this one may be one of the dumbest:
Bad Schools Bigger Concern Than Terror: Poll
Improving public schools and cutting the dropout rate are more important to New Yorkers than affordable housing, jobs and protection from terrorism, according to a survey released yesterday.

More than half of those polled also said New York City high schools don't do enough to prepare students for the workforce, and favored extending the mandatory school age.

The survey, conducted by the Community Service Society, a think tank that addresses urban poverty issues, questioned 1,230 low-income city residents and 500 moderate-to high-income residents.

Overall, 23 percent of those polled selected "improving city public schools and decreasing dropouts" as their top priority from a field of 10 choices.

Twenty-one percent chose building more affordable housing, while 14 percent chose combating terrorism.
Perhaps if New York City students and residents were indeed better educated, they'd understand what's going on in the real world. Still, the news media would serve the public if it didn't just reflexively publish polling data from some dubious activist group without looking further into their agenda.

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