Thursday, February 22, 2007

Congresswoman Wants to Arm Sworn Enemy

Nobody has ever accused Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Moonbat) of being the brightest bulb, but her latest suggestion borders on lunacy. Of course, I'm sure President Pantsuit (God, help us) or some other Democrat nitwit would do this this as a peace offering, knowing if we just had the proper amount of dialogue, everyone would love us.
A U.S. congresswoman called on the Bush administration Wednesday to reconsider its ban on selling parts for U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to Venezuela, urging improved ties between the two nations.

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, told reporters that she was making the first U.S. congressional visit to Venezuela since President Hugo Chavez's December re-election with the message: "I want an immediate repairing of the relations between the United States and Venezuela."

Jackson Lee described Venezuela as a friendly nation that the U.S. should cooperate with and said that the F-16 jets, which are built in Texas, was an issue of concern to her constituents in Houston.
Yes, they're really friendly under their new Communist dictatorship. Well, folks, elections really do matter. Now you have a party wanting to suck up to someone who is working with Iran, Cuba, and al-Qaeda. Swell.
The U.S. State Department has banned arms sales to Venezuela, including parts necessary to maintain its fleet of F-16s, citing a lack of support by Chavez's government for counterterrorism efforts and its close relations with Iran and Cuba.

Venezuela has since begun receiving the first of 24 Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets as part of approximately $3 billion in military deals that Chavez has signed with Moscow.

She said her fact-finding mission to Venezuela was part of an effort by a new Democrat-controlled Congress to show that "Venezuela has many friends in this new Congress."
I have no doubt they do.

Bryan at Hot Air has more, as does A Blog For All.

Elsewhere, check out this New York Sun report on the dubious elections results in Venezuela, certified by the idiot Jimmy Carter.
Hugo Chavez may have lost both the recall referendum in 2004 and the December 2006 presidential election, according to studies conducted by a distinguished multidisciplinary team in Caracas, Venezuela. The team includes the rector of Universidad Simon Bolivar, Frederick Malpica, and a former rector of the National Electoral Council, Alfredo Weil.

Astonishing as it may seem to Americans who believe the contention by Mr. Chavez that he won both elections by a landslide -- 58% to 42% in the recall and 61% to 39% in the presidential election -- the studies show that since 2003, Mr. Chavez has added 4.4 million favorable names to the voter list and "migrated" 2.6 million unfavorable voters to places where it was difficult or impossible for them to vote.
In this country, the lunatic fringe are still whining over the 2000 Florida election, but have no problem with rigged elections in Venezuela.

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