Thursday, February 22, 2007

Most Dishonest Poll Story Ever

When I first saw this headline, I figured it was a gag. Sure enough, Rasmussen actually took a poll and came up with this gem:

Obama, Clinton Lead Hagel in Election 2008 Match-Up.
Illinois Senator Barack Obama leads Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel by 16 percentage points in the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. The Election 2008 poll, part of a series looking at all potential match-ups, shows Obama attracting 50% of the vote to Hagel's 34%.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton also leads Hagel, but her eight-point advantage is not as commanding as Obama's. A Clinton-Hagel match shows the Democrat on top 48% to 40%.
I understand Hagel is a media darling since he basically has abandoned the GOP and enjoys the klieg lights and CNN interviews because he criticizes the President. But you can look at any poll of potential GOP candidates for 2008 and the guy either comes up last or is bringing up the rear with luminaries such as George Pataki. To even match him up with top-tier Democrat candidates is an insult to our intelligence.

What makes this poll even more ridiculous is the fact the most recent Rasmussen 2008 GOP poll Hagel barely registers. If they were to honestly report the results from that, the headline would read more like Giuliani, McCain, lead all Democrat challengers, which they do.

Funny also how after a couple of weeks of the leftist media reminding GOP voters how "liberal" Rudy Giuliani is, he's the runaway leader in the GOP race.

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