Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hateful Obsession

Edward Alexander has an excellent piece in the New York Post today examining the strange obsession some leftist Jews have with Israel.
TOO many writers and pundits today are obsessed, almost pathologically, by the conviction that Israel is the most evil country that ever has existed, and that its removal from the family of nations is a precondition of world peace.

Such lethally utopian dreams are not strictly the playground of anti-Semites, but also the common coin of much liberal Jewish writing and speechifying about Israel. As Brit George Steiner put it, "Might the Christian West and Islam live more humanely, more at ease with themselves, if the Jewish problem were indeed 'resolved' (that is, endlosung or final solution)."
Read the whole thing. Sadly, this odd epidemic is rampant and plays into the hands of Israel's enemies.

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