Thursday, February 15, 2007

Palestinian PM Resigns

It's all about unity.

As if.
Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya has resigned as part of a deal that will set up a national unity government.

The move came after Mr Haniya and President Mahmoud Abbas ironed out last-minute problems in the power-sharing deal sealed last week.

Factional fighting between Mr Abbas's Fatah and Mr Haniya's Hamas has claimed more than 90 Palestinian lives between December and this month.

There are still doubts whether the US will end its government boycott.

Aides to Mr Abbas said the US would continue its boycott unless the national unity government met international demands over Israel.

A US state department spokesman said Washington would not make a judgement until the government was formed.
Meanwhile, they've been told by the U.S. they'll be shunned since they won't recognize Israel.

Though I'm sure they'll pay some lip service and we'll throw more money into the Palestinian rathole.

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