Sunday, February 25, 2007

Obama Family Tree Includes Polygamists

Of course, all the headlines are breathless in reminding us about Mitt Romney's background, but you have to dig a little deeper if you want to know anything about the Democrat candidates.

Sweetness & Light does just that.
And speaking of fathers, how is it none of this was ever mentioned when Mitt’s father George ran for the presidency in 1968?

Was it because he was adamantly against the Vietnam War, and therefore a far preferable choice to Richard Nixon — at least in the eyes of our watchdog media?

And how often was Mo Udall’s Mormonism mentioned when he ran for president? What were his great grandparents up to?

Or for that matter, who has ever brought Harry “Pinky” Reid’s Mormon ancestors during his campaigns?
Well, since the AP is going to delve into the background and go back a couple hundred years, what headlines might we see if they did the same with Democrats?

Pantsuit Predecessors Include Polyester

Whirlaway Secretly Fathered Edwards

Spock Illegitimate Half-Brother of Kucinich

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