Monday, February 19, 2007

Two GI's Killed in Iraq Base Attack

They're feeling comfort from the aid they're getting from the Democrats.
Insurgents attacked a U.S. combat post on Monday, killing two soldiers and injuring 17, the military said. The assault began with a suicide bomber exploding a vehicle outside the base north of Baghdad, said the statement, which gave no further details. The names of the soldiers killed and wounded were not immediately made public.

A string of bombings killed at least 15 people Monday in the Baghdad area, a day after a massive car bomb attack in a Shiite area market delivered the first major blow to the U.S.-led security crackdown. Attacks in other parts of Iraq pushed the overall death toll near 30.
In the meantime, Mookie has told his goons to lie low since Murtha is busy buying time for them.
Dangerous Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has ordered his fanatical Mahdi Army to stand down during the U.S. security crackdown in Baghdad so that his organization can live to fight another day, The Post has learned.

U.S. officials, citing intelligence gleaned from electronic surveillance as well as informants, said the radical cleric recently ordered top aides to put the civil war with Sunnis on hold, stay out of Baghdad and keep a low profile during the new U.S. effort.

Al-Sadr is believed to be in Iran along with several close advisers.
Meanwhile, Peter Brookes says there's no doubt Iran is supplying the insurgency and says something better be done now.
But in the end, there seems to be three things there is no question about: Iranian weapons are present in Iraq today, and they are killing U.S., Coalition and Iraqi forces. And something has to be done about it - ASAP!
Kenneth Timmerman says Bush need to hangtough against the weasels.
THERE'S a new myth being pumped by the anti-Bush crowd, that somehow the president is once again "hyping" intelligence to make the case for war.

This time it's Iran and the allegedly hyped intelligence concerns Iran's involvement in Iraq, as well as the administration's interpretation of Iran's motives and intentions.

The anti-Bush crowd is concerned that Bush's new, hard-headed approach to Iranian terrorists operating in Iraq is actually beginning to show results, and it is desperate to sabotage any political benefit the president might derive from this success.
Any success for Bush means bad news for the Democrats, who are far more interested in scoring political points than actually winning in Iraq, to their eternal shame.

Finally, Allahpundit opines on a NY Times report saying Al-Qaeda is reinforcing in Waziristan. Just great.

UPDATE: Jules Crittenden has Tet for Tat?

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