Monday, February 26, 2007

Bloated Ex-Pol Wins Oscar

Good thing I didn't bother tuning in for this. I'm thinking this guy should worry more about reducing his waistline than greenhouse gas. Anyway, after he copped the award for best fictional schlockumentary, he appeared ready to make some lame joke about running for president again before the music started and he got yanked. You were almost there fatboy, just like Florida.
Politician-environmentalist Al Gore made a mock attempt at announcing his candidacy for the US presidency at Sunday's Oscars but was yanked from the stage before he could get the words out.
Finally, a reduction in hot air.

Meanwhile, Reuters claims he's been on a 30-year global warming mission, but quite honestly, I can't remember him ever mentioning it during his eight painful years as Vice President, thought in all honesty, I never paid him much attention.
While all the winners walk off the with a golden Oscar statuette clutched in their hands, it was a troupe of environmentalists led by global warming advocate and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore who painted the Oscars green.

"An Inconvenient Truth," which tells of Gore's 30-year campaign to warn people about global warming, was named the year's best documentary, and singer Melissa Etheridge was given the Academy Award for original song with "I Need to Wake Up."
Simply put, when he had the power to do something, he passed, which is what the Academy should have done on his joke of a documentary.

UPDATE: More at Planet Gore.

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