Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Romney in 2008 Race

I doubt this announcement will cause as many media Obasms as we saw this past weekend, but at least this guy has substance and a proven track record as a leader.

Of course, the media will relentlessly harp on the fact he's a Mormon, as if they're some other-worldy beings brought forth for our amusement. I could care less what his religion is, so long as he doesn't worship at the altar of liberalism. Though I will note the AP somehow managed to avoid mentioning his religion until the ninth paragraph.
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) - Mitt Romney officially entered the 2008 presidential race Tuesday, a former one-term Republican governor of Massachusetts suggesting that his record of leadership inside and outside government uniquely positions him to tackle the country's challenges.

"I do not believe Washington can be transformed from within by lifetime politicians," Romney said, seeking to turn a potential liability, his limited political experience, into an asset. "There have been too many deals, too many favors, too many entanglements - and too little real world experience managing, guiding, leading."

The comment was a veiled swipe at his top rival for the GOP nomination, four-term Sen. John McCain of Arizona. In elective office only four years, Romney is not nearly as well known nationally as McCain and former two-term New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, political celebrities who consistently lead popularity polls.

A serious contender even though he is little more than a blip in such surveys, Romney is seeking to convince Republican primary voters that his record of success in the private, public and voluntary sectors proves he has the know-how to lead a country at a crossroads

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