Monday, February 19, 2007

Good News Is No News

Larry Kudlow likes to call it "The greatest story never told," and Donald Lambro points out all the good news that never seems to make it onto the media radar.
Contrary to all the worrying and hand-wringing over the budget deficit from Democrats and insecure newspaper pundits with too much time on their hands, Mr. Bernanke said he expected deficits to continue their sharp decline this year and next.

This remains one of the major, underreported success stories of the Bush administration. After all those nightmare scenarios about the nation being plunged deeper into a sea of red ink because President Bush had the temerity to cut taxes, well, just the opposite is occurring.

Last year, the projected deficit was essentially cut in half as a result of an explosion in tax revenues from healthier corporate profits, more capital gains and millions of workers added to the nation's payrolls.

The deficit in the fiscal year's first four months has fallen sharply "as the government continues to benefit from record levels of tax collections," the Associated Press reported last week.
When the intellectual pygmies of the left blither on about economic news they have no knowledge of, smack them down with facts.

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