Friday, October 05, 2007

Mrs. Clinton Exploits 9/11

Remember this image the next time you hear Democrats claim Rudy Giuliani exploits 9/11.

I doubt this hag made more than one trip down there, yet here she is using an image from Ground Zero in a campaign ad.

If only her husband had taken the terror warnings seriously, she wouldn't have had to go down there for her photo op.
October 5, 2007 -- Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled a darkly emotional TV ad yesterday that uses tragic scenes of Ground Zero to subtly challenge Rudy Giuliani's carefully cultivated image as the hero of 9/11.

Clinton is the first candidate in the 2008 contest to harness the intense power of 9/11 in her campaign advertisements - a controversial tactic that is already drawing strong reactions among 9/11 families.

Critics lambasted President Bush in 2004 when he released ads showing the charred wreckage of the World Trade Center and firefighters removing a flag-draped stretcher from the carnage.

Clinton's new spot, titled "Stand by Us," touts her record on health care and veterans issues, and is running in Iowa and New Hampshire, both key early-voting states.

Shot in black and white, it shows a rubble-filled downtown street after the attacks - then cuts to a shot of Clinton standing stoically with a white safety mask covering her face.

"She stood by Ground Zero workers who sacrificed their health after so many sacrificed their lives, and kept standing till [sic] the administration took action," says the narrator, who is accompanied by a quiet piano track.
Of course, it's highly doubtful anyone on the left has the guts to attack this vile woman for such a shameless ad, but heaven forbid Rudy Giuliani dare bring up 9/11.

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