Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whatever Happened to That Columbia Noose Incident?

A week has now passed since Columbia University reluctantly handed over videotapes to police in order to investigate the noose incident that garnered worldwide coverage.

Since then, not a peep.

Curious, huh?

Well, it has, of course, spawned more alleged incidents, the most recent being reported today.

Naturally, there's outrage.
October 18, 2007 -- A pair of nooses - including one around the neck of a tar-painted doll - were found hanging from a forklift truck on Long Island yesterday afternoon at the Town of Hempstead highway yard in Roosevelt.

The find was the latest in a recent rash of noose hangings that have fanned painful memories of segregation-era lynchings of blacks in the deep South.

Hung nooses have recently roiled tensions in at a school in Jena, La., at Columbia University, at a post office near Ground Zero and at the Hempstead Town police offices.

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray said her office and Nassau County cops are investigating the incident. Murray said the highway department, which employs roughly 50 people, is ethnically diverse and has no recent history of racial tension or disputes.

Murray said that she is unsure if the nooses were hung by an employee or an outsider who accessed the open yard.

"These type of hate-filled acts have no place in government or society," Murray said, adding that any town employee found taking part in the noose placements would face serious legal consequences.
OK, I certainly don't condone any of these incidents, but why does the media hop to it when there's an incident, but does little to no follow-up?

One would think after the instant protests and rallies sprang up at Columbia last week, the New York media would be dogging Columbia and the NYPD for information.

Curiously, however, there is silence.

More stories related to the current incident here.

While we're discussing Columbia, everyone's favorite media darling weighs in.
Liberals are so invigorated by the story about a noose being found on an obscure Columbia University professor's door that now nooses are popping up all over New York City. Liberals love to make believe the Night Riders are constantly at their doors.

I'll be shocked by a noose appearing on a college campus the day an actual racist does it.

Could Columbia at least produce one student or professor who supports racism before holding another "rally against racism"? Every concrete example of the racism allegedly sweeping the nation's campuses keeps turning out to be a fraud. Far from "institutional racism," there is "institutional racial hoaxism" run amok in this country. Will anyone rally against that?
I'm sure once the kiddies over at Hillary Clinton's Media Matters are done transcribing Rush Limbaugh's latest excursion into broadcast excellence, they'll no doubt be checking in.

UPDATE: Another incident today in Indiana. This guy just sounds like an idiot.

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