Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Attacks Against Jews Going Underreported

Can't say it comes as any surprise that alleged hate crimes are skewed in this direction.

When you have professional grievance groups who ply their trade on making false reports and a willingly compliant media, nobody should be shocked.

But why are real hate crimes (and I hate that term anyway, crimes are crimes) against Jews going underreported?
A source inside the Manhattan District Attorney’s office admitted to me during a telephone conversation yesterday that “hate crimes,” specifically those occurring against Jews, are frequently omitted from such classification. Meanwhile, acts that victimize Muslims, regardless of their motivation, are usually reported as "hate crimes." Consequently, crimes against Jews and other religions fail to garner the same media focus as crimes against Muslims and skew the figures used to track criminal motives. Although this is not a new phenomenon, it has recently been accentuated by the incident that took place on a New York subway last week.

At about 6:20 last Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 25 year-old Uria Ohana, a rabbinical assistant, was assaulted by three Muslim men inside the subway station at Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street in Park Slope. As Ohana proceeded through the turnstile, 18 year-old Ali Hussein grabbed Uria Ohana’s yarmulke from his head; Ohana gave chase, and was assaulted by Hussein’s accomplices who were shouting “Alla hu Akbar” - Arabic for “God is great.” The chase ended when Hussein was struck by a vehicle as he ran onto Fourth Avenue. Hussein’s friends abandoned him at the scene, fleeing in a late model GMC Suburban.

The incident received very little media attention, and the motive was not initially recorded as a bias or “hate crime.” This happens frequently,” admitted this source, adding that the pressure from Muslim special interest groups is much greater than from other similar organizations. “It seems that there is a far greater propensity for law enforcement to recognize and classify crimes against Muslims as motivated by religious bias, and there more pressure from watch dog groups to insure that crimes against Muslims are immediately classified as having their origins in religious bias. What it does is that it skews the actual numbers,” added this source.
Shocking, isn't it?

To be fair, CAIR did issue a release condemning this attack, but it's my suspicion that's more a ploy to deflect attention from their status as unindicted co-conspirators to Hamas.

This report from late 2006 indicate a far greater proportion of attacks are against Jews. So why does the media buy the canard that attacks on Muslims have allegedly increased.

Update: The perp was indicted Tuesday.

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