Friday, March 28, 2008

The Circus That Is the Clayton County School Board continues

I know this is a local issue, but it points to the bigger picture of what happens when a group of people gain power and then no longer listen to those around them. Clayton county Georgia schools are going to lose their accreditation.

It is mostly because of the school board they have that is so corrupt and self absorbed with their own importance that they continue to do anything they want and the way that they want to. They aren't looking out for kids forced to attend the government schools in Clayton county.

They have narrowed their search for a new superintendent down to two choices. Here are your choices.
Thompson, 63, has served as superintendent in Tulsa and Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh declined to renew his contract in 2005 after complaints about his blunt, authoritative demeanor and questionable spending practices. Newspaper reports show Thompson charged a wardrobe, 24-hour access to a Lincoln Town Car and office renovations to a school credit card.

Wood, 59, worked as a superintendent in several districts in California and served as chairman of two accreditation agencies. He was forced out as head of the Fresno school district in 2004 after the state found falsified construction records. The district had to return $3 million to the state after an audit showed school officials falsified contracts for 24 schools.
The head of the accreditation committee has already informed the school board that neither finalist is acceptable, but what do they care? Nobody is going to come on their turf and tell them what to do.

This county is going to lose its school accreditation; of that there is no doubt. The big question now is what are all of the people who have kids that live there going to do?

If you are planning a move to the Atlanta area, you need to avoid Clayton County.
You have been warned.

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