Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just In Time For The Civil War

With the New Democrat Party's Marxists duking it out with the Bolsheviks, this is some mighty timely programming.

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International Profile

Airing a documentary about the cultural icon of the New Democrat Party definitely has its benefits. Disenfranchised Koslings may be inspired to formulate and execute a coup in Koslamistan: Storming the Gates, so to speak.

After all, with the little Kooky Kult Kommandante embracing the DNC policy of all the votes don't count, there's much to become inspired about. Especially if it's taken into consideration that it was they who helped make it possible for Kommandante Markos to line his pockets. Heh. A revolutionary keeping for himself the fruits of labor that was donated by volunteers. How incredibly . . . typical.

At the very least, they'll get a one-hour break from the epidemic of Seasonal Weather Derangement Syndrome™ that continues to run rampant throughout the reality-based community.

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