Friday, March 28, 2008

Is That a Real Diploma From Yale?

It seems South Korea is a little upset at Yale University because the school vouched for a degree that they had supposedly issued to one of its citizens. This person was hired to be a professor at a South Korean university based on the confirmation from Yale.
Dongguk University made Shin Jeong-ah its art history professor in 2005 after Yale confirmed she had graduated there.

Two years later claims emerged that Ms Shin, the lover of a presidential aide, had never studied there. Yale then said it had confirmed her degree by mistake.
But that statement isn't entirely accurate. At first Yale claimed it was a fake.
When suspicions about her credentials arose two years later Dongguk again contacted Yale. This time the US institution said Ms Shin had not graduated there and claimed the 2005 fax was forged.

Yale officials later admitted the fax had been sent by mistake and apologised.
They are suing for $50 million. And yes, to further show the influence of American pop culture in the world, they are referring to this as "Shingate."

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