Monday, March 24, 2008

Peace "Activist" Not Acting Peaceful

Skye is a blogger who I recently became acquainted with. She goes to various events and video tapes them, mostly the antics of the antiwar crowd. This weekend while recording for posterity some anti war protesters one of their manly men decided to assault her to leave no doubt that they were all about not making nice.

Skye is fine, the guy was arrested, not for slapping her but for resisting arrest. Here is the picture of this Dobie Gillis wannabee(Google it).

(Man known as John M., member of CCPM that struck Skye, the Citizen Journalist- Photo courtesy of Skye and Melanie Morgan)

More info here.

Michelle Malkin blogged about this this morning.

Update: Thanks to lowandslow for the video:

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