Thursday, March 27, 2008

'Islam Will Not Be Reformed for 1,000 Years'

Der Spiegel has a lengthy profile on Geert Wilders, some parts contemptible, while also sympathetic in some way.

Some interesting background I was previously unaware of. Seems much of his media profile stems from this:
Wilders' hate-filled tirades and disrespectful statements have reverberated throughout the Netherlands for more than four years. His rhetoric is directed against the political establishment, leftist intellectuals and Eurocrats.
No wonder they hate him. Leftist "intellectuals" hate being mocked.
He is only too pleased to watch intellectuals -- the people he routinely castigates as do-gooders and cultural relativists -- squirm. Nevertheless, his poll ratings are climbing. If the country were to hold elections next Sunday, his PVV, which currently holds nine seats in the Second Chamber, or lower house of parliament, would likely double its standing.
Still, he can't be typecast.
By the same token, he is not a dull racist and xenophobe, like his right-wing populist counterparts in France, Belgium and Germany. He wants to ban the Koran, the burka and the construction of new mosques. But he also wants to prevent "gays from being beaten up on our streets by Muslim youth."
Read the whole thing.

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