Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Presidential Race Explained Neatly

Chris over at Day By Day has summed up this years presidential race very succinctly. All that is left now is to decide who will host the finale, Ryan Seacrest or Donald Trump. Will it wind up being a call in vote with the results "After the break" or will we have the final two sitting in front of Donald Trump waiting to hear those dreaded words "You're Fired."

It isn't about issues. It isn't even about the fact that at least one of remaining candidates on the Dem side is a pathological liar and the other may be a closet racist, you choose which one fits those labels best, but rather about some sort of undefinable quality that is subject to each persons' perceptions.

The campaign is now more about sound bites and good lighting.

And don't believe for one minute the polls that say on the Dem side if their candidate doesn't get the nod then they will vote for McCain, because after all is said and done there is one thing the liberals and Dems in this country want more then anything else in life, and that is somebody with a (D) after their name sitting in the White House. The country be damned it is about winning elections.

We slept well while Clinton was President but that alarm clock went off on 9/11 and jolted us out of our slumber, but it appears that the American people have once again hit the snooze button and are ready to roll over for another 10 minutes of sleep.

I wonder if they will able to turn off the alarm clock the next time it goes off?

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