Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Skinflint Obamas Gave Less Than 1% to Charity Over Four-Year Span

Typical liberals. Always have plenty of wonderful ideas how to spend your money. But when it comes time to pony up, they're nowhere to be found.
Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, gave less than 1 percent of their total $1.2 million income from 2000 through 2004 to charity, according to tax returns his campaign released yesterday.

Their total charitable donations for those four years totaled $10,770 - a small chunk of the couple's total income while Obama was an Illinois state senator, and a lowball figure compared to other politicians.
Once they cashed in on the book inspired by Jeremiah Wright, however, they stepped up and donated some more. Probably got some advice as he was prepping to run for the White House.
Their giving increased in 2005 and 2006, to more than $137,000 combined, after the couple's income skyrocketed to a total of $2.6 million thanks in part to royalties for Obama's two memoirs, the documents show.

In 2005, they gave a little over 4 percent to charity, and in 2006 just over 6 percent, the tax returns show. And Obama aides said that while they haven't yet released his 2007 returns, he donated $240,000 to charity last year.

An Obama spokesman said the couple were new parents paying off student loans, and gave as much as they could in the earlier years.
How is it these two were still paying off college loans when they were in their 40s?

Naturally, we haven't seen Mrs. Clinton's tax returns yet.

Despite the anti-American racist rants of Wright, the Obama sure gave plenty of money to his church.
Over two years, the couple gave $27,500 to Trinity United Church of Christ, where their former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., preached fiery and sometimes controversial sermons.
Sometimes controversial?

Speaking of the Obamas, has anyone seen Michelle Obama in the past three weeks? Is she still alive?

Not a peep out of her since she called America downright mean.

Update: It's a couple of months old now, but Gateway Pundit has located another America-bashing video of Mrs. Downright Mean.

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