Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bunny, Global Warming Bury Britain in Snow

Nothing like a white Easter, eh?
Britain woke up to a white Easter Sunday today as blizzards and snow showers spread southwards across huge swathes of the country, heralding yet more misery on the roads this Bank Holiday.

Drivers were told to avoid going out as heavy snow overnight brought widespread travel disruption, with one police force describing the conditions as "horrendous".

North-east England, Yorkshire and Staffordshire were the hardest hit by the weather which would be more in keeping with the Christmas break than Easter.
Climate change, baby!
Bitter gales, sleet and snow have already whipped much of Britain in the start to the holiday.

But now the weather has closed in still further, bringing significant problems for those hoping to return home today and tomorrow.

Snow ploughs and gritters were sent out but they too found the conditions difficult and struggling to stay on the roads.

Even London was affected after lighter snow showers during the early hours gave way to full-blown blizzards by mid-morning.

Met Office forecaster Chris Almond: "There is no sign of spring out there, to be honest."
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