Friday, March 28, 2008

Meet Spider, Froggy, and Lil Silent

Now what could possibly be wrong with these fine specimens of manhood? Why, they are just normal little boys struggling to find their identity among the din and chaos of life. Yeah right, and have I told you about the beachfront property in Arizona I have?
One of the men, Edy Garcia-Nanarijo, aka "Spider," came straight from the "Playboys" gang in Los Angeles to Gwinnett County to start a new gang, police believe. Garcia, 25, lives in Norcross.

The other suspected gang members were identified as:

Jose Ceasar Salazar-Durin (aka "Froggy"), 19, a known 18th Street gang member that lives in Lawrenceville.

Victor Alfonso Lerma-Neri (aka "Lil Silent"), Age 19, a known 18th Street gang member that lives in Norcross.
These are the people the liberals and the open borders crowd are worried about who are hiding in the shadows because of our oppressive jackbooted law enforcement.
What, I am making acccusations based on [fill in your favorite -ism here]? Umm no.
As a result of the detail, the three gang members were arrested by ICE Agents for immigration status violations.

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