Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Grim News for Michael Moore (Update: Grim News From AFP)

I figured this slob already crossed the threshold into a dark place some time ago, but just in case, the porcine propagandist might want to consider shedding a couple hundred pounds.

Update: Due to the incredible stupidity of AFP, the story link was sent out a day in advance.

So if the link isn't working, here's why.

As you can see I’m the deputy chief editor for Agence France-Presse. AFP sent the story on belly fat and dementia out by mistake (it is embargoed until Wednesday 20H00 GMT which is 4 PM on the east coast). I would like to ask you to remove the link and post that you have on your blog until then. The Australian has been contacted too and should withdraw the page very soon.

Thanks for your understanding

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Christophe Vogt
Deputy chief Editor for AFP in North America
Pot bellies linked to dementia
HAVING a large belly in middle age nearly triples the risk of developing dementia, a study released today found.

Being overweight in midlife and beyond has long been linked to increased risk for disease such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

But this is the first study to link excess fat to dementia and, the research found excess abdominal fat increased the risk even among those who were of normal weight overall.

"Considering that 50 per cent of adults in this country (US) have abdominal obesity, this is a disturbing finding," said study author Rachel Whitmer of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, California.

Researchers measured the abdominal fat of 6583 people age 40 to 45 in northern California and some 36 years later 16 per cent had developed dementia, the study published in the journal Neurology found.

Those who were overweight or obese but did not have a pot belly had an 80 per cent increase in the risk of dementia compared to people with a normal body weight and abdominal fat level.

The risk increase jumped to 230 per cent among overweight people with a large belly and 360 per cent among the obese with large abdomens.

"Where one carries the weight - especially in midlife - appears to be an important predictor for dementia risk," Ms Whitmer said.
Could well be more people in northern California are simply demented to begin with.

Update: Link to an earlier study on this topic by the author Whitmer.

More here.

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