Monday, March 24, 2008

Whaddaya mean drinking's bad for you?

Suicide falls asleep before jumping into abyss

Drunkenness probably saved the life of a young Czech who recently climbed over the safety rail in order to throw himself in the Hranicka abyss but, paralysed by alcohol, he fell asleep on the edge of the steep chasm, the local police told CTK Thursday.

"The young man has been driven to hospital for a check-up. A doctor ordered that he be sent to a psychiatric facility. In addition, the young man figured on the list of missing persons," said police spokeswoman Michaela Sedlackova said.

The 20-year-old man originally wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the abyss earlier this week.

According to experts, Hranicka, a popular tourist destination, is the deepest abyss in Central Europe. Its steep rocks above the level of the "bottom" lake are 70 metres high, but the depth of the lake has never been reliably measured so far.

The largest depth speleologists have penetrated so far is 329.5 metres, but the data has not yet been verified.

Via The Prague Monitor

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