Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why You Can't Have Churches in the Muslim World

Much has been made of the ruling coming out of Saudi Arabia against allowing Catholic churches on its' soil, but the ruling applies to all religions save one. At least they didn't come right out and blame it on the Jews. No this time their reasoning was that religions that worshiped more then one god were the danger.
The Shoura Council last week defeated a proposal to adopt a law promoting respect for other religions and religious symbols. The proposal that would have had the blessings of the Arab League was opposed by 77 members and supported by 33.

In his reason for voting against the proposal, one member told Al-Watan newspaper that the negative effects might outweigh the positive ones as it would give legality to nonmonotheistic religions and consequently it would allow the building of houses of worship for those religions in Muslim countries.
Are we listening or paying attention to what they are saying? In their own words:
Their articles which were published in Al-Riyadh newspaper questioned the Sunni Muslim view that is standard in Saudi Arabia that adherents of other faiths should be considered unbelievers. Al-Barrak called them infidels and said they should repent or be killed: “Anyone who claims this has refuted Islam and should be tried so that he can take it back. If not, he should be killed as an apostate from the religion of Islam,”
So were do we start this peaceful dialouge at? Madame Speaker? Mr. Majority leader? Any presidential candidate? What is your plan?

While I am waiting, I think I'll go cut the grass.

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