Monday, March 24, 2008

'The Zionist Entity Can Be Wiped Out of Existence'

I guess such a statement rules out any hopes for peace.

No, it didn't come from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, rather it was that Hezbollah freak Hassan Nasrallah.
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Monday told tens of thousands of supporters in Beirut that Israel could be eliminated and that the prowess of its army had been exaggerated by "Zionist-American propaganda."

"The Zionist entity can be wiped out of existence," Nasrallah said in his address via video link, referring to Israel. "Our nation is stronger now than ever before," he added.
He's another one who sees nefarious Zionist media plots. Somehow he left the neocons out of it.
The Hezbollah leader also criticized what he called joint American and Israeli efforts to distort the truth throught [sic] the media, saying "Zionist-American propaganda is aiming to harm our nation's consciousness. They, using their violent system, are trying to tell us that we are weak and powerless. They want to tell us that we don't have any hopes of winning."

He argued that the victories presented by the Israeli military are blown out of proportion by this propaganda machine, that has been operating for 60 years (since the establishment of the state of Israel.) "The media has aggrandized this army and the Israeli soldier, officer and general," he said.
Meanwhile, this sure doesn't help Israel any.
The military police, the northern district police and the security services arrested a career Israel Defense Forces soldier last month on suspicion that he had handed over secrets to the Lebanon-based guerilla [sic] group Hezbollah.

Two other suspects were also arrested during the course of the investigation, who apparently belonged to a ring of drug smugglers from southern Lebanon into Israel.

The police suspect that the soldier, a Galilee resident, transferred information regarding military patrols along the border with Lebanon and the amount of troops to be stationed along the border. This activity was allegedly part of the suspect's involvement in the smuggling of drugs. The information was used to facilitate the smuggling across the border while circumventing Israeli authorities, the police suspect.

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