Monday, March 24, 2008

Madam on Spitzer: 'He Was Weird'

Looks like we indeed still have Eliot Spitzer to kick around. According to a Brazilian madam, the disgraced for New York Governor was a voyeur who liked to watch other couples in action.

Hookers who charge $1,000 an hour weren't always enough to satiate Spitzer's perverse sexual desires, said Andreia Schwartz, who claims she hired girls for the governor before police busted the prostitution ring she ran out of her luxury Manhattan apartment in 2006.

She said the disgraced horndog was a kinky voyeur who had a fetish for live sex shows - in addition to regularly hiring "models" from her escort agency.

"I found it strange that he has a beautiful wife but he likes to watch couples," she said, referring to Silda, Spitzer's wife of 20 years. "He was weird."
Naturally, Spitzer denies this.
Anna Cordasco, a spokeswoman for Spitzer, said, "These are completely outrageous fabrications."

Back home in Brazil after 18 months in Rikers Island on prostitution and drug charges, a newly free Schwartz dished openly about the peculiar perversions that ultimately led to Spitzer's downfall.

The brunette ex-madam, whose deportation was held up for a week by authorities desperate for her secrets, says Spitzer was a long-standing client of her $1-million-a-year call-girl ring.

Speaking from her mother's home in the coastal city of Victoria, Schwartz, a 33-year-old mother of a teenage boy, said federal prosecutors grilled her relentlessly about her clientele after her March 14 deportation was abruptly halted and she was kept in a solitary cell in New Jersey.
Spitzer may want to just dummy up, as Schwartz claims there's more to come.
Although Schwartz remained mum on Spitzer to the feds, she now says there's proof the two did business together and hinted at more revelations to come.

"I talked to him via e-mails, but I also talked to actors, singers. I know lots of famous people. I had constant contact with models, millionaires, government officials and an aide to former Mayor Giuliani," she said without naming names.

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