Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flagpins, God and Country: Can a Pickup Truck With a Gunrack be Far Behind?

After getting crushed in West Virginia, Barack Obama has now decided he needs to pander to blue collar voters.
Mr. Obama took a step toward dealing with the challenge on Wednesday, as he headed out to campaign in front of working-class audiences in Macomb County, Mich., a Detroit suburb that has been identified for more than a decade with Reagan Democrats, the classic swing voter. (First stop: A Chrysler plant in Sterling Heights).

He has taken to wearing an American flag pin on his lapel and sprinkling his speeches with references to God and country, gestures to reassure Democratic voters about his values.

Mr. Obama’s advisers downplayed the West Virginia loss, describing the state as demographically unfriendly territory — the primary electorate was 95 percent white; 70 percent did not attend college — and pointing to national polls showing him in a strong position.
Yes, it's those uneducated white people he needs to deal with.

Damn Bible-toting clingers.
And just because Democrats voted against Mr. Obama in a primary does not mean that they will flock to Senator John McCain, the likely Republican nominee, in November.
Really? Then why does the reporter contradict himself two paragraphs later?
Even accounting for the fact that West Virginia may have been the toughest state he has faced, the contours of Mr. Obama’s defeat were daunting: more than half of the Democrats said Mr. Obama did not share their values, and 47 percent said they would not vote for him if he were their nominee.
Continuing with the MSM theme, it's going to be all race, all the time. What a shock.
And this is one case where looking to history may not be of much help: No matter how much time Mr. Obama spends talking about economic issues with workers, as he was planning to do on Wednesday at Macomb Community College, some of the resistance that he continues to face is almost certainly racial.
The media doesn't want to admit it, or even report the facts, but Obama's problem run far deeper than rural whites not wanting to vote for him.

His associations with some very questionable people for one thing, and we're not talking about Jeremiah Wright.

When Obama loses in November, the predictable reporting will be to say how racist America is. It could have all be avoided is they just reported the truth about the man.

Had they done their job, he'd never have gotten this far.

Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey highlights Obama's utter ineptitude when it comes to the basics of foreign policy and our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It really is difficult to believe how a serious candidate for President can be so utterly clueless about fundamental facts.

At least ABC, to their credit, picked up on this. The rest of the media is too busy slavishly licking his boots.

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