Monday, May 12, 2008

Grim News: Polar Bear Population at All-Time High

How can this be? Weren't we told by super-scientist Al Gore that due to mythical global warming these poor creatures were dying away and those who survived were stranded on ice floes?

Oh, it's all nonsense? Thought so.

Of course, inconvenient truths like this still don't deter the eco-fanatics from the NRDC, Greenpeace and the federal bench from relentlessly pushing their agenda.

So now we have an opportunity to put a temporary halt to the silliness as the Interior Department has to decide this week whether to place polar bears on the endangered species list.

Which begs the questions, why if the population is greater than ever would they be considered endangered?

What does President Bush have to lose here? Nothing. His popularity ratings can't go much lower, and no matter what he does the left will excoriate him.

So strike a blow for common sense and scuttle this, Mr. President.

Read all about it.
The world polar-bear population is at a modern high - and growing. Mitch Taylor, a polar-bear biologist with Canada's Federal Provincial Polar Bear Technical Committee, notes that the bears now number about 24,000 - up about 40 percent from 1974, when fears arose about the bear's ability to survive overhunting by Canadian Eskimos and aboriginals.
As for the warming threat, a recent article by an FWS researcher looked at how much of the bears' sea-ice habitat would vanish under the UN's (gloomy) climate projections - about 30 percent. So, even if the bears are using all the habitat now available, there'd still be habitat for about 17,000 polar bears 100 years from now.

In other words, even under the most pessimistic respectable estimates of the global-warming threat, polar bears won't be threatened with extinction or anything approaching it.
So a listing based on a global-warming threat could oblige the entire federal government to stop anything that's seen as exacerbating warming. New electrical-power plants or other projects across the nation could be subject to federal review and quashed if they would generate greenhouse gases, because they might contribute to arctic warming that might melt sea ice.

Economic growth across the entire country could be stymied by a new burst of regulation.
The environuts aren't just anti-common sense. They're anti-capitalist.

The evidence is in.

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