Friday, May 09, 2008

Quest to Raise Awareness of Global Warming Halted by Blizzard

Oh, the hilarity of it all.

First of all, is there a person alive who isn't already aware of this global warming scam? It amuses me to no end when these pinheads seek to raise awareness of something that's been pounded over our heads for years.

Second, you may want to check the long-range forecast before you try and cross an ice-covered landmass.

What a tool.
South African snow adventurer Correne Erasmus-Coetzer has been forced to abandon her dream of becoming the first African woman to cross the icy continent of Greenland on foot.

The dream came to an end this week when the expedition of nine men and women came up against a ferocious wind and snow storm, and rapidly dwindling food supplies, as they approached the quarter-way mark of their 550km slog from the east to west coast of Greenland, across the Arctic Circle.

Erasmus-Coetzer was hoping to create awareness about global warming and raise money for the Durban-based Wilderness Leadership School.
If I were dumb enough to fall for the global warming hoax, I'd at least try some lame stunt like this in a warmer climate. Hello, Correne, it's a little cold up in the Arctic.
Erasmus-Coetzer said the conditions in Greenland were worse than anything she had experienced during previous expeditions to the North and the South Poles.

It was a bit like "walking in milk" she said, explaining that the sky was full of snow and this made it impossible to distinguish between the horizon and the sky.
I guess she relied too much on the fraudulent Al Gore schlockumentary and figured everything up there had melted already.

There truly is no end to the stupidity of some people.

H/T Pat via the LGF links.

Speaking of the globwarm scam, curious how a chilly April received such scant attention, no?

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