Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another New Poll Shows McCain Leading

Can't say I'm all that familiar with this poll, but it continues the recent trend showing John McCain with all the momentum.

I will add though that yet another media outlet completely misreads the results.
John McCain has grabbed the lead in a new opinion poll over rival Barack Obama, in the latest sign of accelerating momentum for the Republican as the key phase dawns in their White House battle.

McCain led Obama 47 percent to 46 percent in a nationwide matchup in the new George Washington University Battleground poll published on Wednesday. The Illinois Democrat had led the same poll by 49 percent to 47 percent in May.

The George Washington survey was the latest poll to show an erosion in Obama's poll numbers, following several weeks of withering attacks by McCain on his national security judgement and celebrity.
Where are these withering attacks? Can someone point me to an ad where McCain "attacked" Obama?

Sure, he questions his lack of record, experience and status as celebutard, but that's poking fun at him.

Good grief, I haven't seen a single ad that could be construed as negative coming from the McCain camp, and they call these withering attacks? What they heck are these media dolts going to do when or if McCain actually does go negative? They'll really get their panties in a knot then.

Just like yesterday, when the LA Times said the results of their poll were a result of a daily onslaught of attacks while conveniently overlooking the daily onslaught against McCain by the left.

Good grief, people, Obama is losing because the more the public sees of him the more they dislike him. McCain probably could have gone the last month without airing a single ad and these results would likely have been the same.

The media is now beginning to realize that their daily onslaught of withering attacks against McCain is backfiring.

In a shocking development, the New York Times actually notes Obama will be attacking McCain. I believe the difference you'll see following these ads is McCain won't be whining like a bitch over them.

Update: Slip sliding away. Obama's RCP average also declines.

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