Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another RINO Nonentity to Endorse Obama; Update: Obama Snags Key CPUSA Nod

Wow, a regular Murderer's Row of former elected Republicans lining up behind The Messiah. We've got Lincoln Chafee, the mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska and now obscure former Congressman Jim Leach.

Certainly the coveted Chuck Hagel endorsement will open the floodgates.

These people think it's a big deal.

Of course, they ignore the fact you have 18 million wildly disenchanted Clinton supporters.

More from Ben Smith. They're all excited at Time.


If you ask me, a Jim Leach endorsement doesn't quite stack up against the former Democrat VP nominee in 2000 campaigning with McCain.

Update: Comrade Obama gets the approval of the Communist Party. I knew there was something about that fellow traveler remark that rang familiar.

Hmm, now I guess the ever reliable Chuck Hagel won't be making an endorsement.

For anyone. Maybe he'll go away now.

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