Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hmm, I Had No Idea Karl Rove Worked For McCain

Someone named Barbara Ferguson authored this dreck for the Arab News, and it's so full of hysteria it almost qualifies to be a Bob Herbert column.

It's a rehash of the MSM nonsense from this past week about John McCain allegedly going "negative" against The Anointed Savior of Earth and how badly it reflects upon him.

In other words, McCain is beating Obama's ass all over the place and the media just can't handle it.

Anyway, an interesting item caught my eye.
His statements about Obama in recent weeks draw parallels to the same sort of dirty attacks engineered for the Bush campaigns by Karl Rove, which might be expected as Rove now works for McCain.
Really? I had no idea. When did the McCain camp announce Rove's hiring? Somehow I missed that and I read the news every day.
Obama’s already faced Rove’s attack strategies in facing Hillary Clinton, and he beat them. He’s not the type of politician that will be easily destroyed by swiftboating, and the more McCain makes comments like the one he made last week, the more Obama will win the argument by looking more presidential, more unifying.
Huh? Was Rove advising Hillary Clinton?

Last I saw, Rove was still employed by Fox News. Of course, that alone is anathema to the left, but it doesn't give them an excuse to just make shit up. Sure, Rove supports McCain, has given him money, and probably some advice, but he's not working for him.

This idiot Ferguson, after whining about "negative" campaigning, then goes back to the one thing Democrats constantly use again McCain: his age.
The other problem dogging McCain is his age. More than a quarter of a century separates John McCain and Barack Obama.

When McCain was taken prisoner in the Vietnam War, his Democratic opponent was just six years old.

McCain will be 72 next January — and if he is elected, he would be the oldest man ever to become US president. And that worries some voters — almost as much as his smear campaign against Obama.
Really? Who's worried about it, other than the left?

And since when is using Obama's own words against him a smear? Was the New York Times calling McCain racist a smear? Was the New York Times hitpiece on McCain alleging he had an affair with a lobbyist a smear?

No, none of that stuff bothers the Barbara Ferguson's of the world.

But poking fun at The Messiah and a media twit reflexively says your smearing the golden boy.

Oh, and it might help if her employers hired a fact-checker. McCain was born August 29, 1936, Obama on August 4, 1961, which is not more than a quarter of a century older.

No doubt the media will be blowing birthday kisses to Obama come Monday.

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