Thursday, August 07, 2008

Man Arrested for Threatening Obama; Also Hated Bush

So some maniac threatens both President Bush and Barack Obama and here's how the headlines are presented.

Man held in Fla. for threatening Obama's life

Man held in Fla. on charge of threatening Obama

These are the headlines that will run around the globe in a flash. Reaction from the left of course will be the usual "they're out to get him," and hysteria will ensue.

But when you read the story, you'll note this character also had a little problem with the sitting president.
MIAMI - A man who authorities said was keeping weapons and military-style gear in his hotel room and car appeared in court Thursday on charges he threatened to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Raymond Hunter Geisel, 22, was arrested by the Secret Service on Saturday in Miami and was ordered held at Miami's downtown detention center without bail Thursday by a federal magistrate.

A Secret Service affidavit charges that Geisel made the threat during a training class for bail bondsmen in Miami in late July. According to someone else in the 48-member class, Geisel allegedly referred to Obama with a racial epithet and continued, "If he gets elected, I'll assassinate him myself."

Obama was most recently in Florida on Aug. 1-2 but did not visit the South Florida area.

Another person in the class quoted Geisel as saying that "he hated George W. Bush and that he wanted to put a bullet in the president's head," according to the Secret Service.

Geisel denied in a written statement to a Secret Service agent that he ever made those threats, and the documents don't indicate that he ever took steps to carry out any assassination. He was charged only with threatening Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, but not for any threat against President Bush.
Granted, Bush has likely faced an untold numbers of threats during his presidency, most of which nobody will ever know about. I just find it curious what threat level there was to Obama that was far greater than to that of Bush? Obama obviously has a far lighter security detail, so perhaps that's a factor.

H/T: Ringo the Gringo.

Update: Virtually every headline here has some variation of those above.

To their credit, Reuters (out of Africa) has this:

Man held in Florida for threat to kill Obama and Bush

Nope, no media bias here.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the link.

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