Friday, August 01, 2008

Nancy Goes on Vacation, Republicans Go to Work

I hope the Republicans manage to get this whole debacle on film and then get it disseminated out for the masses. Since Nancy managed to get the cameras shut off I hope somebody had the savvy to send a staffer or two out for a video camera to record this. This is a potential goldmine for the Republicans if handled correctly. Take the footage and get it on the news, show up on every talking head show possible to draw attention to this, make the average American aware of what Nancy and her cut and run Defeatocrats did. It seems to be the entire Democrat platform, When the going gets tough, they go somewhere soft. It doesn't seem to matter whether it is the war in Iraq or acting on a common sense energy policy that includes drilling, their answer is to retreat back to their comfy homes and their circle of friends ready to give them a group hug. In keeping with the usual tactics of the liberal left also they have attempted to silence the voices of their critics by turning out the lights, turning off the cameras and microphones. Is there any doubt left that if given a complete Democrat control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, the Fairness Doctrine would become a reality?
At this time I am represented by a Democrat in congress, (GA-13), but hopefully his challenger, Dr Deborah Honeycutt, will be able to make some good use out of this.

H/T AllahPundit over at Hot Air There is video!

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