Friday, November 21, 2008

Chuck and Dave Hug It Out

This is really kind of pathetic. I suspect if David Paterson had better vision, the last person he'd be clinging to is the reptilian Chuckie Schumer.

Well, now that Queen Hillary of Rodham has ascended to the throne at State, it just so happens to be up to the accidental governor to select her replacement. And since the demure, camera-shy Schumer has spent the better part of the past eight years toiling in the shadows of Her Thighness, keeping a low profile by holding only 37 press conferences a week, he's decided it's his time to shine.

Meaning if Paterson knows what's good for him, the next junior senator from New York will cut a much smaller profile.
So they've cut a deal in case a replacement is needed for Hillary Rodham Clinton?

That's the way it looked to a lot of insiders, with Gov. Paterson and Sen. Charles Schumer - not normally the best of friends - beaming and embracing Wednesday night at a dinner to commemorate the naming of the Triborough Bridge for Robert F. Kennedy.

The giant-egoed Schumer has a lot riding on the governor's choice - should President-elect Barack Obama name Clinton secretary of state - since he has long suffered under the shadow of New York's junior senator, who has superstar quality as the former first lady.

Schumer spokesman Josh Vlasto wouldn't say what recommendations his boss has made to Paterson, but others were talking.

"Chuck clearly wants a 'junior' senator who really is junior," said a prominent Democrat who has known Schumer for more than 10 years.

"Chuck wants the least amount of competition. He's been living with a junior senator who has overshadowed him for the past eight years."

Other knowledgeable Democrats said the one person who Schumer doesn't want to replace Clinton is New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who would be at least as aggressive politically - as incredible as that might sound - as Schumer himself.

A Marist poll earlier this week found that Cuomo was the overwhelming choice of voters to succeed Clinton.

One knowledgeable Democrat said Schumer wants to replace Clinton with "someone from upstate who no one ever heard of and who he would never have to worry about."
Much talk has already centered around "Evil Eyes" Cuomo, and judging by how virtually the entire Clinton administration has now been resurrected, since Cuomo was once HUD Secretary, all it will take is a call from Hillary until Paterson gets his marching orders.

Translation: Schumer will still be a shameless media whore, regardless who gets the job. Sure, Paterson could appoint some obscure Congressman, or even himself, but does that serve the people?

Or does it serve Chuckie's enormous ego?

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