Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michelle Obama: Potential Savior of the Fashion Industry

If you're in search of some fawning drivel, look no further. ABC should be embarrassed to run something like this, but after the past couple of years spent slobbering over her husband, I guess now we're on to a full time makeover of this angry woman. Not only will The Messiah save America and make thw world love us again, but his dour wife will rescue the fashion industry from oblivion.
Michelle Obama will soon be the nation's first lady and mom in chief, but others are expecting even grander things from her, like saving the fashion industry.

The flagging fashion industry, for one, is hoping that the future first lady will inspire women to keep on buying despite the dour economy.

"We're all obviously trying to look at the silver lining," designer Norma Kamali told "Where do we look for hope, an opportunity to create good feelings for the customer? There is real hope with Michelle Obama. I think she can keep women interested in purchasing."

Obama's name surfaced at a recent meeting of The Fashion Group International, a professional organization for members of the fashion industry. The topic of discussion was the economy, and one member wondered aloud whether Obama could bolster the industry during the current economic downturn.
If she wears anything like that garish outfit second from the right in the photo, she'll single-handedly destroy the fashion industry.

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