Thursday, November 20, 2008

Polly Want Some Prozac?

Seriously, medicating a parrot for depression?
It's always a sad day when owner and pet are separated by death, but not many end up grieving so much they they need Prozac to get over their loss.

So spare a thought for Fred the parrot, who was so heartbroken by the death of his owner that he's been prescribed an animal-friendly version of the anti-depressant.
The African Grey got the blues after owner George Dance's passing - and ended up biting all his neck feathers off before animal experts offered the radical solution.
The bird has now been prescribed a twice-daily liquid dose of a bird-friendly version of Prozac, called Clomicalm.

Bird-lover George, from Somerset, died nine months ago, and Fred - who couldn't understand his 'dad's sudden disappearance - would sit on his perch in a 'low mood', bobbing his head up and down all day long.

Animal experts believe he went into a deep depression because he could not understand why George disappeared.

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