Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kentucky Voters Told 'Thanks for Playing'

Blue Grass, Red State has the story of how an entire precinct in one Kentucky county is in danger of having all of their votes thrown in the garbage. At stake here is a Kentucky state house representative seat.
The resolution that Richards wants to pass is to take away the votes of all 1000+ Kentucky citizens who voted in that precinct because without that precinct’s votes, Democrat Mike Weaver would win the election.
With the upcoming runoff election here in Georgia we are already seeing all of these liberal voting rights groups muster their resources ready to steal that all important 60th seat in the U.S. Senate.

Stevens deserved to lose his seat in Alaska, but the recount effort going on in Minnesota in an attempt to hand a Senate seat to a third-rate comedian and failed radio talk show host is still in progress.

Isn't it amazing that whenever these contested contests seem to go in favor of the Democrat there is no national outrage or seething?

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