Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sad News: Spanish Nightclub Cancels Boob Job Promotion

C'mon now, they're just trying to build up the self-esteem of some lucky girl.
A SPANISH nightclub has scrapped plans to stage a raffle for breast enlargement surgery after an uproar over the event.

The Pacha nightclub in the Mediterranean city of Valencia said it "apologised to all people and institutions which may have felt offended by this initiative", adding that "at no moment did it intend to disrespect anyone".

Adverstisements for the event called "Pretty Woman" that had been set for December 5 featured a picture of a woman with firm breasts who appeared to be holding a scalpel.

Tickets had been set at €20 ($39.40) with the prize said to be worth €4500 ($8860) .

"A tribute to women. Buy your ticket and take part in the raffle for breast enlargement," the club said on its website.

Club owners had said they were inspired by the popularity of such events in Argentina and stressed that the winner could chose to have laser hair removal instead of the breast implants.

But Health Minister Bernat Soria said he had launched an investigation into the planned event.

The minister said cosmetic surgery was regulated by health authorities and he expressed concern that minors would be able to participate.

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