Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Left Will Still Have Something to Moan About: Bush to Open 'Freedom Institute'

If it's anything the left hates, it's freedom. I can already see the protests, the Hitler signs, the giant puppet heads and the like outside protesting the Freedom Institute.
Outgoing US President George W. Bush plans to open a presidential library in Texas and found a "Freedom Institute" to promote democracy, his wife Laura Bush confirmed to Peru's El Comercio daily.

"The president will build a library in Dallas -- where we will move to -- and a Freedom Institute," she said in an interview published Sunday, as her husband wrapped up his participation in a weekend summit in Lima by Asia-Pacific leaders.

"The institute will give us both the opportunity to work on issues that are very important to us," she said, according to the Spanish-language translation by the newspaper.

Laura Bush, a former teacher, said she wanted to return to the field of education, as well as "working for human rights for women in Afghanistan."

Bush, who joked during the APEC summit about his upcoming "forced retirement," is due to hand over power to his Democrat successor Barack Obama on January 20, 2009.

US media have already quoted aides and Texas lawmakers on the plans for the presidential library -- in fact more of a museum, with documents and gifts accumulated during Bush's time in office -- and the Freedom Institute.

The US publication The Week said the George W. Bush Presidential Library would be built at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas.
Considering Bush helped free 50 million living under tyranny in Afghanistan and Iraq, this seems appropriate. Of course, few will ever than him for that.

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