Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plaxico Burress Shoots Himself in the Leg' Update: Shocker! Shooting Took Place at a Nightclub


What more can go wrong with this idiot?
Plaxico Burress' controversial year has just taken a turn for the worse.

The New York Giants wide receiver accidentally shot himself in the leg on Friday night, has learned, not long after being ruled out of Sunday's game against the Redskins with a hamstring injury.

He spent the night in the hospital and the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The team is still trying to gather further information on the incident.

This has been a troubled year for Burress, who opened the season with a lengthy contract dispute. He was also suspended one game in October for violating team rules, benched during another game and hit with a series of fines.

The Giants are atop the NFC standings with a 10-1 record and are vying for their seventh straight win Sunday when they face Washington.
I suspect Burress may have played his last game in a Giants uniform. Knowing Burress and his dubious recent history, I suspect there's more to this story and the team may have hit the breaking point. The Giants may be headed for the Super Bowl again and don't need the endless soap opera with this guy.

Update: He was reportedly shot at a nightclub. There's a shocker.
New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was accidentally shot in the leg at a nightclub, it was reported Saturday. and Fox said the wound was not life threatening. It was not clear at what club the shooting took place. The Fox Web site said Burress spent the night in the hospital.

"I don't have anything for you at this stage," team spokesman Pat Hanlon told The Associated Press from Giants Stadium before the Super Bowl champions left for a flight to Washington for a Sunday game against the Redskins.
Yup, injured player with a really bad track record of late out at a nightclub with a gun. What could possibly go wrong?

Update: Giants react.
“Obviously, our primary concern is for Plaxico’s health,” the Giants said in a statement released by Pat Hanlon, the team’s vice president for communications. “We have been in touch with N.F.L. security on this matter. At this point, we are attempting to gather all the facts surrounding this incident. This incident could become a matter for law enforcement officials, and because of that, we have no comment on any of the details.”

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